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Company Profile

JRC Technology has been found on the mid of 1996. We major in providing total solutions for our office clients. Our source of customers mainly comes from referral. We are paying much effort to earn our reputation for our computer products and technical support. 

Our Strategy

Our company was established based on the need of the I.T. Professional in the market. We keep you ahead of your competition by providing you with the equipment and services that help you to become more successful. We turn the fast-paced IT industry into powerful services for you. We strive to support you in a way that’s convenient and relevant to your organization. To fulfill the market or to make our customer satisfaction, we provide a Total Solution and One-stop style services. From computer hardware selling, network topology to server base application, system maintenance, web hosting and employee training. 


IT Support Services

Why my computer running so slowly and oftens keep crashing?

She can send out email but I can’t.

Why only me cannot get into internet, but others no problem?

Are these situations familiar with you ? It happens all the time to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

With our remote and onsite support, you can rest assured that all your IT support needs will be taken care of.

Email Services

Want to migrate out from Old POP mail server to the NEW Advanced reliable MS O365 exchange mail server.

Our mail server keep under attacks and receives too many spam.

Why people always blacklist my emails?

No Problem!

JRC Technology has the expertise.

Infrastructure design and setup

Whether you are setting up a new office, upgrading a system or simply need someone to call to sort out IT problems, JRC Technology have the right solution for you. JRC Technology services cover IT Outsourcing, computer equipment supply, file server, email server, network infrastructure design and implementation, intranet and internet security setup, critical data backup and restore.